Monday, June 17, 2013

SUYMU On The Scene: D'Milikah Fashion Show

Like a school of sexy water sirens, the models at last Wednesday night's D'Milikah Fashion Show seem to sizzle in the evening sun.  The show, which featured the swimwear and accessory designs of Brazilian born NoVa resident, Emily Gonzaga, was held at Nick's Riverside Grill in Georgetown.  I thoroughly enjoyed the cleverly executed soiree and am already plotting on at least two D'Milikah designs for my next beach getaway.  

Before the show, I had a chance to chat with Gonzaga about the inspiration behind her new "Blurry Feminine" collection; and in particular, behind the makeup she planned to feature on the runway.  Read on to find out just what this Brazilian firecracker and rising design star had to say!  
D'Milikah fashion designer/owner Emily Gonzaga (left) with SHAPE UP YOUR MAKEUP artist/educator/owner, Aleah Rae Dorsey (right).

SUYMU:  Tell us a little bit about the "Blurry Feminine" Collection?  What was your inspiration?  And another thing: What's the story behind the name???  We're super curious...

EG:  The collection is all about the “blurry” side of every woman. That goes along with the name choice as well.  We all have a side of us to hide, a place to hide, a secret to hide. Good or bad, it is a secret.  And that is the collection inspiration. That secret side of each one of us, the tigresses, the woman that wants to do it all, the super woman in us all. That hidden side that is an escape for all of us. The prints are intentionally and intriguing blurry, and it is meant to fit every sort of body shape and form. 

SUYMU:  So, as you were envisioning this show, what type of makeup look did you see on your "Blurry Feminine" models? Why?

EG:  I always think about the eyes first, as they say the the eyes are the doors to the soul. To keep with the feel of the collection, I was looking for eye looks that have some mystery to them. For the rest of the look,  we used earthy smoky tones on the models, like golden and brown tones and a sun kissed tone on the face. For the lips we wanted rosy cheeks and natural pinkish lipstick. This total look is best to carry out the "mysterious" image for models while on the runway.  

D'Milikah swimwear model, the "Blurry Feminine" collection. June 2013.

SUYMU:  Who was your lead MUA for the show?  How closely did the two of you work together to perfect that makeup vision?  Walk us through your creative collaboration.

EG:  I usually work closely with the W Salon team; they have a great understanding as to what I want. The process includes me sending them various pictures and from that we can come up with the right look. At times I even go to the salon myself before a show or event and we "practice" on me until we get it right. I have worked with them for all events with this collection, so they understand the looks that I want. The fact that I wanted smokey eyes and brown tones can also make it difficult for the models various skin tones so in those cases we adapt accordingly.
D'Milikah swimwear model, the "Blurry Feminine" collection. June 2013.

SUYMU:  Ok, Emily.  In case you hadn't noticed, we are super nosey!  So we have to ask: What's in YOUR makeup bag?  Tell us a few things you can't live without this summer. 
EG:  OMG! In my make up bag there are a lot of goodies. I danced a good part of my life, as a professional dancer, so makeup for me is very important. There was a time in my life when I would not leave the house without a face full of makeup. I am not like this anymore. After having my baby I am always so busy.  However, my make up bag is still pretty full, and I have not one but two with me when I travel on longer trips. One carries all of my bases and powders, and every eye and cheek shade you can imagine! The other bag is full of pencils and lipsticks of every color.  My daily must-haves are a MAC concealer; an eyebrow brush from Dior that is doubled sided with a golden/brown pencil, and two Dior mascaras (one is the Maximizer and the another is Blackout waterproof). Also I’m the biggest fan of the Nars Orgasm Illuminator cream and natural tone lip glosses also from Nars. That is me daily!

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Enjoyed reading this post. It is always fun to know what others think about make up and what kinds they wear. You will always learn a few tips and tricks from others. Thank you for this.